Saturday, May 19, 2012

Elizaveta Yushchenko

This is Elizaveta Yushenko (Елизавета Ющенко), born 6th January 2000 in Russia. She has all her triples (no 3-3 though) and, while she isn't as amazing as some others her age, she's quite good. Her spins are nice too.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Natalia Ogoreltseva

Wow, another little Russian trying the 3Lo-3Lo! And it's not a bad attempt - looks like it was fully rotated. This is Natalia Ogoreltseva (Наталья Огорельцева in Russian), and she was born on 18th January 2000, making her currently 12 years old. I think Natalia may be one of my favourite young skaters - not only does she have great jumps (all triples plus tano 2A!) but her skating also has a mature quality to it. Spins are lovely too. Good luck, Natalia!

Anastasia Kolomiets

Just discovered this girl, Anastasia Kolomiets (АНАСТАСИЯ КОЛОМИЕЦ in Russian) - she has a lot of potential. Jumps aren't all there yet, but I'm impressed that at this point she's trying a 3-3 as well as a 2A-3T. Spins are average. Some interesting positions - nice layback, and I like her broken leg grabbing her free foot.
( Just a side note, I'm aware that most of these skaters are Russians. Russians are easiest to write about because of this amazing YouTube channel (mihsersh) and a Russian website with bios of all the skaters ( I will write about some others, but yeah...a lot of them will be Russian. )

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Karen Chen

This is the 2012 US Novice champion - Karen Chen! She was born in August 1999, making her 12 years old. Her jumps are good (2A-3T in FS!) and spins, especially her layback, are amazing. Her skating style is also very mature for her age. Can't wait to see more of this young lady in the future! She's also a straight-A student, and has a talent for drawing. Wow. Is there anything this girl CAN'T do?!

Maria Sotskova

Maria Sotskova (Мария Сотскова in Russian) has just turned 12 years old. She has a triple-triple and her spins are great! Russia sure is churning out these incredible skaters!

Seraphima Sahamovich

This girl is 12 years old (9th Feb 2000), Russian, and boy can she jump! She's been doing 3F-3T combinations in competition for a while now, and it seems that she now has a 3Lz-3T! Her jumps are all amazing (Lz is slightly flutzy though) and rather solid, skating skills are fairly good. Her spins aren't bad, but nothing special - and I can't stand the weird, hunched over sit variation she does in her combination spins. Still plenty of time for her to improve though!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Anastasia Gubanov

Another Russian wonderbaby - Anastasia Gubanova (Анастасия Губанова). This little girl was born on December 2nd, 2002, making her only 9 years old! She's an amazing skater for her age - triples through flip (no Lz or 3-3...yet) an excellent layback...Basically, wow. She's a tiny bit sloppy, but at her age that's only to be expected.